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Why do Iranians burn Obelisk ? Obelisk is a symbol of ancient Egypt and in the majority of countries where Zionist influence where there was a great show. The symbol for the world's global activity Zion. Not long ago, MarkDice forty-year-old Wisconsin native of America by showing the symbol on youtube made a big deal  And a large part of the human identity of this symbol be aware of this. Mr.Raefi pour in past years were noted. But those who understand down to this were the case. That annoyed him and infidels have addressed words of the commentator and researcher today revealed one by one with the truth Iranians have been working for centuries to worship God and demons and goblins also have been the enemy. Ferdowsi, the great warriors of ancient Iranians informed us in his book how the goblins and demons . face wash and beat them. In this video you will know more, because Iran could ignite a symbol of Satanism and humble it counts.

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سقف کاذب گروه تولیدی نساجی تاراتکس دیجیتال و لوازم جانبی خیرخواه Amy هر چی بخوای هست لوازم یدکی لودر استور ایکس پلاس Melissa