Home global campaign of reciting Du’a Faraj (Reappearance Supplication) over a period of 40 days From Tuesday, March 10 (the night of Lady Zeynab’s martyrdom) at 18:30 GMT, Home global reciting of Du’a Faraj (Reappearance Supplication) over a period of 40 days for the hastening of the Reappearance and relieving Muslims
Very important announcement of Masaf Institute Disease, flood, war, earthquake, . time and earth are distressed. Nothing is on place. The only hope for relief is the Reappearance of the Divine Savior. Imam Mahdi (PBUH) himself has said several times: pray for the Reappearance since this praying is your relief.” (Ihtijaj, v. 2)
It’s time to pray and ask God to spare us the remaining time of the Occultation 14:30 5:30 18:30 19:30 2:30 1:30 00:00 Imam Mahdi (PBUH): Tell my friends and Shias to swear God on my aunt, Zeynab (PBUH), to hasten my Reappearance.” (Imam Mahdi’s lovers, v. 1, p. 251) Please Share this message as much as possible. The world is going to be worse, not better. It’s only him who is the cure for the world. Let’s not neglect anything that might hasten his Reappearance.

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